Phaedra Parks Busted On Reunion Part Four….But What Other Storylines Did They Have!!!

News of a major bomb being dropped at the reunion shook the Real Housewives of Atlanta fanbase to it’s core.  And then the news came that we were being treated to an unprecedented  FOUR PART REUNION!!!  We just knew that we were headed for a treat.  But what we got was far from it!

Last night, it was revealed that Phaedra Parks, not only told Porsha Williams the lie that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker were planning to drug her, but also said that Kandi, herself, told her!  Why would Phaedra tell a lie like that?  And why would she just sit there and not defend herself?

Several sources have told myself and other blogs that it was allegedly revealed at the reunion that Carlos King, executive producer of RHOA, himself, had told Phaedra the “alternative tea” about Marvin and the planned drugging!!!

Furthermore, it was said that more tea was spilled then we would eventually get to see.  The girls apparently were going full-throttle at each other and spilling all kinds of Lipton.  So much so that the producers kept yelling cut and are deciding to “save it for season ten”!

So going into this reunion airing, since Part One, I tried to warn you guys that all of the reunion would not air and what we would see would be highly edited! And that’s exactly what we got!

But let’s go even further, besides “Lesbiangate”, what else really happened.  The Kenya and Matt pairing was an epic fail and I could care less about Moore Manor vs Chateau Sheree.  This season was highly manufactured by the producers and the only storyline that grew legs was the one started by Phaedra repeating a lie.  Sheree, who is the real MVP of this season, blew on the fire until it grew enough to be entertaining!  Was this all done because the producers knew that the current cast didn’t have a thing going on that we would be interested in?  Probably so!

And let’s not go into all the tears when the big reveal happened! FAKE!  Let’s not get into Kenya trying to insert herself into every segment of the reunion! Desperate!  Let’s not talk about how everybody wants Phaedra fired, but when Porsha dragged Kenya across the floor, she kept her job (Porsha, Girl, I had to say it! You still my fave! But I got to call a thing a thing though)! Rigged!

I have always been a RHOA superfan, but this season right here is totally different (in my Tamar Braxton Voice)!  The only real thing that happened was  Bob putting his foot in his mouth about being abusive to Sheree. And that was way to uncomfortable to watch.

I really believe that we need a major cast shake up for Season Ten.  Gimme Nene, Sheree, Kim, Kandi, Porsha and two new girls who actually live in Atlanta and who already know some of the cast!  Somethings gotta give!

But as for  Season Nine…Thumbs down!