Julaylee Bee Has The Hottest Tea On Rupaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3!!!

Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Rupauls’ Drag Race!  And it was such an honor to cover the Annual DragCon held in Los Angeles this Spring!  All my favorite Queens were there and it was total blast! If you missed my coverage of the star-studded event with over 40k Super-fans in attendance Click HERE!!!

So, I’ve decided to bring you even more coverage of Drag Race and Piping Hot Tea.  I decided on calling up one of my good, good girlfriends, Julaylee Bee and have her spill y’all the Tea on the regular and Miss Thing was happy to oblige!  Julaylee is an expert on all things Pop Culture and a definite Drag Race Aficiando, so who better to run this Drag Race Tea Party!!! You’re in great hands!!!

Hello my BeeStarrs!!!! It’s me Julaylee, bringing you some “Hot Off the Press” scoop on the Queen’s being considered for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, HENNY!!!! The season is already in the process of COOKING and the producers are fine-tuning the cast, as we speak!!!

Now, I’m hearing that the schedule of filming will mirror All-stars 2.  Meaning that Season 10 will film first & All Stars 3 will start filming right after! Now, let’s cut to the chase! The Girls are telling me that this is the list of the Queens in consideration and my thoughts on each, HENNY!

Trinity Taylor (Sickening)
Peppermint (Trans LEGEND!)
Shea Coulee (The Baddest Queen of Melanin)
Valentina (Superficial…Sue Me!)
Kim Chi (Visually Mesmerizing)
Chi Chi DeVayne (My Muthaf*cking Sis!!!)
Derrick Barry (Hemmy, HENNY)
Thorgy Thor (Chinny Chin-Chin)
Kennedy Davenport (#Non-Mother*ckin’ Factor!)
Trixie Mattel (Condragulations You’re a Winner Baebee!)
Courtney Act (Unpadded Fish)
BenDeLaCreme (Auntie be servin’, Henny!)
Milk (F*cking HOT)
Willam (Blondes have more FUN)
Manila Luzon (Goddess)
Nina Flowers (Who?!)
Rebecca Glasscock (#IDontKnowHer)
Ongina (Extravaganza!)


Now let’s get into the list as it refers to 2 returning Vets/All Stars from All Stars Season 1: Manila Luzon & Nina Flowers!!!  We all know that they got the short end of the stick with that partner BULLSWANKEY, so I hear the producers are interested in bringing them back to give them one more chance to shine, since there will be no partners ala All Stars 2!!!

I am hearing a lot of rumblings that the “shoe-ins” from this list of Queens are as follows, Trixie Mattel, Valentina, Kennedy Davenport & Derrick Barry for drama & storyline reasons. Producers are dying to cast Willam, Ben DeLaCreme & Oingina but whether they agree to be casted, remains to be seen! Girl, I hear they’re willing to accommodate Willam and that she’s productions biggest priority!

Now another cute little drop of tea is that the Production Budgets for Season 10 and All Stars 3 will be the biggest and best in RuPaul’s Drag Race HERSTORY, now that VH1 is footing the bill LMAO!  So the Queens are gonna get the royal treatment!!!

Also, keep in mind that this is pre-production TEA and is not yet set in stone!  You know how these TV shows change their minds in a matter of seconds, but I wanted to give you every drop of tea I had so far!

Signing out!

Toodles BeeStarrs; )