Kim Zolciak Says That RHOA Co-Star Nene Leakes Got What She Deserved When She Got Kicked Off Xscape Tour!!!

We’ve all heard of Frenemies but DAMN!  It seems like Kim Zolciak and Nene Leakes’ relationship is the purest example you can find of the word!  We watched season after season as they constantly threw major shade at each other and then kissed and made up before we knew it!

But something tells me that they’ll being any kissing and making up anytime soon, if ever again!  They current beef is so major and it’s getting more and more out of control as time goes on!

I just can’t bare to completely rehash the whole feud, so i’ll make it brief! But if you need to be brought up to speed on this recent fiasco fully you know I got all the links to the stories right on this site.  Basically, Kim’s daughter, Brielle said Nene had roaches and videotaped the bugs at Nene’s house and Kim sent out the video, Nene dragged Kim and the entire family on social media.  Nene, then, called their asses racists and, now, Kim is threatening to sue!

Well, if that wasn’t enough for  La Leakes, She recently clapped back at a heckler at a comedy gig in Oakland, but went to far by wishing rape on the woman!  As a  result of that, she was let go from her gig as the host of The Great Xscape Tour, where she would be touring with Kandi Burruss.

Well, do you think Kim feels an sorrow for her on-again-off-again friend?  Hell No!  TMZ caught up with Kim  and she was ready and eager to talk mess.

TMZ wrote:

Kim Zolciak says NeNe Leakes is getting what she deserves … but it’s not enough — her ‘RHOA’ co-star still needs to pay the price for what she said about her family.

We got Kim and her daughter Brielle Biermann at LAX Thursday, and after Kim throws some extra shade at NeNe for getting dropped from the Xscape reunion tour … she goes off on her for bringing accusations of racism into the mix.

Kim then doubles down on what we knew — she’s lawyered up and plans to go after Leakes if she doesn’t take back the “#racisttrash” and “KKK” comments about her family.
Seems like the clock’s ticking too.

Oooooo Chile!