Married to Medicine’s Lisa Nicole Caught Cussin’ Hubby’s Ass Out For Cheating??? [Audio]

Ex-Married To Medicine Star Lisa Nicole Caught On Tape Cursing Out Her Husband and Alleged Mistress???

Gurrrrrrrrl!  When are these Celebs gonna realize that phones are not their friends!!!  Just like videotaping your sexual escapades ain’t where it’s at, neither is going H.A.M. on somebody’s voicemail.  And it looks like the latest victim of being caught on voicemail may be Lisa Nicole-Cloud!!!!

The former Married to Medicine Star seemed to always present herself in a way that made us believe that “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!”  Well, Hunni, that mouth might be turning out to be FIERCE after all!

Those of you who watch the show know that Lisa’s marriage to her husband Dr. Darren Naugles has been her main storyline while being on the show.  Dr. Darren has admitted that  in the past he has stepped out on his wife and cheated more than once, but is his ass up to it again???  No doubt, the height of their troubles on the show was when a young man approached Miss Quad and dropped the tea that he allegedly slept with Lisa’s husband.  Girl, I gagged!!!  Although this situation has been often referred to by the cast, no receipts were ever provided.

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Well now, Fellow ATL Blogger and YouTube star Justin James has gotten his hands on what appears to be some EXPLOSIVE tea!!!  Mr. James has a copy of a voicemail recording where it sounds like Lisa Nicole is reading her husband for filth over some more cheating!  He done went and got his ass a mistress????  Now all of you who watch the show knows that Lisa has a very distinct voice, to put it nicely.  And when you hear this voicemail….Chile….well you be the judge!

Sounds like Lisa is callin’ that lady everything but a child of God!!!What adds insult to injury is that it sounds like the kids are with her while she’s cussin’ his ass out.  Lisa, I ain’t here to judge, but , girl!!!!  This is getting to be TOO MURCH!!!