Tyrese Gibson Breaks Down In New Video, Crying For His Estranged Daughter:  No One Will Help…!!!

Recently, I told y’all about Tyrese Gibson being investigated by Child Welfare for allegedly spanking his daughter until she could not sit down.  Tyrese claimed that this is just a tactic by his ex-wife.

Well it seems that this whole ordeal has taking its toll on him.  We have all sat back and watched him go at it with the Rock and in my opinion that whole situation is just “Petty Boots”, however, things just crossed over from petty to bizarre.

Tyrese has released a video where he begins by talking about good fathers being over looked and it quickly spins out of control.  During the video, he has a meltdown where he references his 13K a month  child support and he mentions how no one will help him, especially not his millionaire and billionaire friends who he says that he’s been there for in the past.  In the video he’s wearing a custom shirt with his daughter’s name on it and he’s pleading to not lose his daughter, who he says he has not seen in two months!

TMZ has posted the video Take a look below!


Now I know that I’m your Messy and Gossipy BFF and I love some good sweet tea, but I do have a heart. This is just plain ol’ sad.  There is no doubt in my mind that he is going through it by being estranged from his daughter.  I can definitely see he’s in pain, BUT there is something off about the video.  It’s not sitting well with me.

I think Tyrese needs some help and support from those millionaires and billionaires that he was talking about.  And not just monetary support.  He needs good people around him right now!