Cynthia Bailey Sits Down With Bravo TV and Spills Tea On Her Relationship With Peter, Not being Invited To Kenya’s Wedding and Porsha vs Nene!!!

You can say what you want about Cynthia Bailey, but Fake will not be one of them.  Cynthia has always come off very down to earth to me.  Despite the fact that she is this gorgeous-ass Supermodel, she comes off very normal.  And this has worker in her favor as well as against her!

Y’all know my feelings on the events of the premiere (Click HERE if you missed my review/recap) But Cynthia is out here spilling her own version of the tea as well.

Miss Baily Set down with and talked all things Peter, Kenya and Nene vs. Porsha!  In true Cynthia style she poured her tea very lady-like…BUT it was Tea, nonetheless!!!

Get in to it! What went through your mind when you heard Kenya eloped?

Cynthia Bailey: When I first heard that Kenya eloped, I honestly didn’t believe it — I thought it was a crazy rumor! I knew that she was happily involved with someone, but I assumed that if she was that happy and was running off to St. Lucia to get married, I would have gotten a phone call! Once I spoke to Kenya, and she confirmed that it was true, of course I was beyond happy for her. However, I was a little hurt that I was not invited. I would have loved to have been there to support my beautiful friend for such a momentous and special occasion. What’s the status of your relationship with Peter now?

CB: Peter and I are in a great place. We are officially divorced, and we are friends. Once our marriage ended, it meant a lot to me to try to maintain a friendship. I pray that we will always be loving and respectful towards each other as friends. Many wonderful things came out of our relationship, and that’s what I choose to focus on. That’s how I choose to remember our marriage. I wish him nothing but peace, love, happiness, and continued blessings. Why did you choose Kandi as the costume party winner?

CB: I chose Kandi as my “50 Shades of Cynthia” winner because she killed it and was the most creative and original. All the ladies did a phenomenal job! It was so cool to see a room full of Cynthia Baileys running around the party, and I was so honored that they all participated and had fun with it. They showed me so much love that night, and that was the best birthday gift that they could have given me. What did you think of NeNe and Porsha‘s argument?

CB: I think Nene’s and Porsha’s argument at my birthday party was uncomfortable for both of them. When they were friends, I was not friends with either of them, so I have no idea how deep and how far back their issues stem. Only they know the true value of the friendship they shared. I have had my own fair share of ups and downs in my friendships amongst our circle, and I have been able to at least be cordial with all the ladies regardless of our differences. Hopefully, these ladies will make up or be able to do the same in time.