Slicktalk4real’s Review of RHOA Season 10 Episode 1!!!

Yesssss!  Our girls of RHOA are back on Bravo and right from the  jump, Hunni, they were in full effect last night!  There was no Jaw-dropping tea spilled…AT ALL!!!  We walked away knowing everything that we already knew walking in.  But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy sitting down with the ladies for an hour and basking in all the shade they were throwing!

KANDI:  Let me start off by saying we all know that Kandi has always been a little thick with it on RHOA, however didn’t sis look extra juicy walking into the Old Lady Gang Restaurant last night!  All them OLG recipes are agreeing with Kandi!!!  Them Chicken and Waffle plates are hitting her in all the right spots!!!  I am really glad that we started off with the success of OLG.  For those of you who don’t live in ATL, you have no idea of what a phenomenon this restaurant is.  Successful is an understatement.  And Kandi is so right!  Her presence is the key to the success! I must say that Kandi and her family are quite welcoming and make you feel right at home!  The restaurant is so successful that they got Cynthia and Peter scrambling to reopen Bar One!

Cynthia:  Ms. Bailey, I got one question…who in the hell styled you for your confessional look.  They got Mama sitting there looking like Zsa Zsa Gabor!!!  That blond wig with the Farah Fawcett wings going to the back…That whole look gives me Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…not Atlanta.  Cynthia is so beautiful that she doesn’t look bad in anything, but that entire look was a no for me!  They didn’t feature Cynthia too much last night and I’m starting to think they are just using Cynthia on RHOA for these bad-ass events she throws.  Cynthia is always having a launch party, a fashion show, a birthday party and if you notice, it’s always the back-drop to somebody else’s drama.  Cynthia girl, tell them to go mess somebody else’s sh*t up for a change.

I do agree with Porsha, though.  Having everybody dress up like you at your party is a little bit narcissistic BUT it sure was CUTE!!! Kandi’s look was by far the most creative and Kenya’s was the worst.  That choppy-ass wig didn’t look like nothing that Cynthia Bailey would ever or has ever slapped on her head.

I, for one, can’t wait until Cynthia’s new man comes on the scene.  Now, that’s gonna be juicy!  And we can give Cyn some real scenes and not just helping the other ladies’ storylines progress

Sheree:  Speaking of blonde wigs!!!!  Chile, Sheree, what were you thinking???  It was like He-Man had a damn baby with Storm!!!  Issa Mutant, Hunni!!!  It was the color, the bangs, the cut, the quality, beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes….YOU NAME IT!!!! Hunni, everything was wrong with that wig!

I will say that in the regular old scenes, Sheree looked really cute last night!  And she wasted no time jumping back into her old bone-carrying ways.  I was so excited to see the first scene of Sheree and Nene reuniting on the show.  Whether they are getting along or not.  I love the interaction between these two.  There’s history there!  Sheree and Nene are Originals!!!  Not just people they flew in and created some fake storylines for…Kenya, Claudia, Kim Fields!!!

Sheree can be so devilish and I love it.  With the greatest of ease she can smile in Nene’s face and make it look like she’s her BFF and then run to Porsha and do the same, all while dropping bones along the way!!!

I will say this: her starting trouble does not bother me, however when she pretends she’s doing it for the good of the group and/or the friendships does.  Like, Girl!!!  I respect you more for just being a sh*t-starter than I do when you pretend to be Pollyana getting everybody together to Kumbaya!!! At Cynthia’s Bday party it looked ridiculous when Sheree was trying to get Porsha and Nene to hash it out.  We all know that Sheree does not give a damn about their friendships!  Lets just keep it messy, Auntie!

Porsha:  I really think this will be a good season for Porsha!  Although we didn’t see a lot of what’s going on in Porsha’s life.  It’s evident that Porsha has grown-up!  She has a lot going on in her life, now.  Hosting, acting, Dish Nation etc.  So I’m guessing that we will see a different Porsha this season!  In her scene with Nene, I was certain that Nene was going to chew her up and spit her out, but Porsha surprised me.  In that scene, Porsha didn’t seem like the cast’s kid sister like she always does.  She came off as an equal!  I really need her to keep this up!  She paid Nene dust, Chile!!!  She seemed unbothered by the whole situation.  These two ladies are my favorites so I can’t wait for the scenes to air when they truly hash it out.

Kenya:  I really don’t know what to say!  And I don’t think Kenya knows what to say either!  I will say it again: Kenya is such a pleasant and likeable lady in person, but damn it!  It just don’t transfer over to TV!!!  Why are we calling her Husband: Baby!!!  That’s not real life!  That’s foolishness!  What was the real reason why you didn’t invite your father to the wedding???  Nothing ever rings true coming from her.  There are rumors that this will be Kenya’s last season on RHOA!  I really need her to step it up.  I feel like since season 5, we’ve been watching her play a role.  I really don’t believe we see any of her real life on the show!  I do believe she is married and I’m happy for her, but the way it’s being presented to the audience is really suspect….

Nene:  La Leakes is BACK!!!!  And she wasted no time jumping right in!  Last night, she gave us shade, she gave us jokes…she gave us Nene!  Love her or hate her…you have to admit she lit the screen up last night.

I don’t think she was being nosey when it came to her questioning Kenya at Cynthia’s house.  I feel like Nene was bathing in how ridiculous the story around the wedding was.  Nene gets off on keeping it real!!!  So she has to be mortified at the details of Kenya’s wedding and the mystery surrounding it.  Nene has been known to get upset when the girls aren’t sharing their REAL lives, so she had to be completely pissed off with this whole wedding mess!  It was like she was trying to force the truth out her…and it just wouldn’t come out.

Now, when it comes to Porsha and Nene, I think they both need to take responsibility.  If it’s too much to get over, that’s fine!  just play nice and be civil.  But, the first step is for Nene to realize that she could have pulled Porsha to the side and gave her some sisterly advice instead of doing it in front of all those girls who didn’t like her no way!  Also, Porsha, y’all do like to ride Mrs. Leakes a little too much on Dish Nation.   Even if you are beefing, no one wants their friend throwing shade publicly on television!

All in all, it was a great first episode of RHOA.  I’m going to need Kim, Marlo and Eva to jump in and stir this pot on up!  And if Phaedra did film that apology scene with Porsha, Everybody knows that I need to see that NOW!!!!