Sources Close to Ex-Married to Medicine Star, Lisa Nicole, Say That She And Her Husband Are ‘Focusing On Making Their Marriage Stronger’

Today in “Girl, Bye!” news, it is being reported that Lisa Nicole Cloud, formerly of Married to Medicine, and her husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, have moved on from his cheating ways and are working on their marriage!

Y’all remember I recently dropped that Tea that Blogger, Justin James had gotten his hands on a voicemail where Lisa was going all the way off on Dr. Darren’s alleged mistress!

Well, theJasmineBrand is exclusively reporting that a source close to the couple is saying that the affair was months ago and they are moving on!

“Lisa is in a really positive, happy space.”

The source continues,

“When she was on the show, she was open about her husband being unfaithful and with this situation, they’re focused on making their marriage stronger.”

Sources tell us that the audio that leaked is a few months old and that they’ve addressed the issue. We’re told that Lisa became aware of the woman that she contacted, after going through her husband’s phone. Rumor has it, that the woman that Darren had been chatting with, was unaware that he and his wife were still together.

“Darren was telling her that he was unhappy with his marriage and that they weren’t together anymore.”

We’re told that some of her former Married to Medicine cast members aren’t surprised about the situation.

“He’s been unfaithful to Lisa in the past. The cast knew and they tried to warn her about it, but she wouldn’t listen.”

Chile, all this sounds like is some PR/Spin Doctor Bullsh*t!!!!  I am in full support of couple’s working on their marriage but, Hunni, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Seems like to me, Lisa is more concerned about appearing happy than she is about actually being happy!  Chile, stop calling the BLAWGS with this convoluted mess!!!

Girl, Bye!!!