Ratings For The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Season Premiere For The Long-Anticipated Season 10 Are Down…What Does This Mean For The Franchise???

It seems like just yesterday that I was telling y’all at the beginning of The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 9 that their ratings were declining!  Well, here I am a year later telling y’all the same damn thing AGAIN!!!

LoveBScott is, exclusively, reporting that the ratings are in for the premiere and they are down, yet again.

Get into the TEA:

The ratings for the season 10 premiere of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ are in!

Despite the return of fan-favorite NeNe Leakes, the show premiered to a slightly smaller audience (2.4 million compared to last year’s 2.5 million).

Sources connected to Bravo tell that network execs are concerned the show is on a steady decline — especially since the show recently hit a series high with the season 7 premiere (3.8 million viewers).

Not to mention, the network gave NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak massive pay checks expecting their names to bring an uptick in ratings.

….Bravo knows the drama that plays out the rest of the season pales in comparison to that of seasons prior. Production had a hard time working with what footage they were (or weren’t) given — i.e. no one wanting to film with Porsha, Eva being boring, Kenya keeping her husband away from the show, etc — so you can already expect a major shakeup next year.

Now, Slickster’s, y’all know I’ve been telling you this 4Ever!!!  I told y’all not to look for any major changes in Season 10 but 11 would be a different story!

Word on the street is that Season 10 was to be the season to pay homage to the series, as a whole.  If Phaedra didn’t get that damn lie from that producer (Yeah I said it) and told Porsha, Phaedra would be on Season 10 as a peach-holder, leaving the cast intact.  And we would have the addition of lots of visitors from the past, which we will still have. But next year…no one is safe!  Hell! Look at the tea floating around about Kenya Moore not being asked back!

From what I hear, this season has been pretty tame, so don’t expect anything major to happen.  They finished taping extra early, because there was just nothing to film.  Despite their source saying that Eva is boring, just know that I heard she did turn it up at the end and got in a few good reads.

Strangely, the person that I have heard the most tea about is not  a housewife at all!  It’s Marlo!  Marlo vs. Porsha may be the most excitement we will get this season.  Also, I hear that Marlo is finally getting a cute coin for her appearances.  Who knows?  Marlo maybe a part of that Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 11 shake-up!