Sheree Whitfield Talks About All Things RHOA And Her Romance With Her Man Behind Bars AND She Even Talks About Phaedra Parks In A New Interview….

Chile, I love interviewing people, because I love just kicking back and chopping it up. And I think that’s why my interviews are effective, but honey I gotta give it to the Essence Now interviewer because Sis cut to chase in her recent interview with Sheree Whitfield.  Sheree sat down with Essence and I really loved the outcome.  Sheree is so much more relaxed and natural when interviewing now.  In the past, Sheree used to interview like an ice queen.  I can tell now that she’s in a great place in her life and she does not care what your asses think…my ass included!

In, this interview, Sheree says again, as she said on Wendy Williams that Kenya Moore is a lot nicer now that she has a man!  And I am so glad!  Maybe now she can twirl her ass over to a couch and have several seats with her new husband!

The interviewer also asked about Phaedra Parks and if we would see her this season.  Sheree was very vague and coy with the question…BUT she definitely didn’t say no….so we all know that is a YES!

She describes her new man, who is currently incarcerated, as spiritual and family oriented and she seemed genuinely happy when she spoke about her bae, Tyrone and she’s very open to marriage.  She claims that she was not going to go public with her relationship, but Tyrone’s property got stolen and the pics leaked out.

She also definitely believes that you must have other gigs when your on a reality show.  She says that She by Sheree will be making a comeback, Girl!!!  Let’s just hope this time it’s not a fashion line without any fashions (In my Dwight voice)  And she has some more book projects on the way.

And Sheree encourages RHOA newbies, such as Eva Marcille to show their authentic lives on the reality show!

Get into the video below…it was a goood one!