Rapper Eve Named New Co-Host Of The Talk…Replaces Aisha Tyler!!!

Now, y’all know I always rep my hometown, Philadelphia, but rapper Eve is one Philly girl who is doing the DAMN THANG!!!  Not only did Eve, who first became know for her rap skills, successfully crossover into acting, find the love of her life who just so happens to be filthy rich, but now she is crossing over into daytime talk!

That’s right! The self-declared “Pit Bull in a Skirt” has now been named the newest addition to The Talk!  Eve will be filling the vacancy recently left open by Aisha Tyler!

Eve has always shown herself to be spunky and refined at the same time, which will make her a perfect fit!

Variety caught up with the new co-host and chatted it up with her about her new position.

“It is a new career move for me,” Eve tells Variety. “I am interested in hosting, and specifically on this show, because I feel as though I can express myself in a way people haven’t seen me before, and be able to engage in great discussions [and] have some fun. I’m just in a place in my life where I was looking for a platform to express myself.”

“I will definitely make time for acting, if there is time. I’m always interested in unique and fun parts,” Eve reveals. “And music, yes, I’ve already started recording. I started recording a few months ago. And the plan was, before this opportunity came up, was to put out some music, which I still plan to do soon.”

I can’t wait to see her drop her two cents in with the ladies.  I have to admit of all the female-panel talk shows on, The Talk is the main one that I NEVER watch!  Well, they just gave me a reason to tune in!