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Married To Medicine: Great Show That YOU need to Watch!!!

Married To Medicine Shines In It’s 5th Season But Is Still Being Out-shined By The Others!

Ain’t no pussy-footin’ around…let’s get down to the nitty and the gritty!  Y’all know that I am a Reality TV Junkie and I have seen many come and many go.  As a Reality Tv Connoisseur I can usually predict what the people are going to love and what they are going to hate.  Chile’ I must be their target audience because I am almost never wrong.  But I can not for the life of me explain the mystery that is Married to Medicine.  I have heard over and over again how Reality Shows depict the very worst of our people. How we don’t want people to think that all black woman  are”Thots” and sleeping around.  How the over-exaggerated post-surgery bodies of many reality stars do not belong on TV.  And how the shows support physical violence between both men and women.  We have all said all of that and more, but folks are still not running to the television screens to watch Married to Medicine, which is the complete opposite of the mess that y’all are complaining about.

Married to Medicine, yet again this season, has beaten it’s “big sister show”, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, in originality, drama, positivity and realness.  Now, for those of you who are new to my site, let me tell you that this is a major statement for me to make.  Everybody knows that RHOA is my all time favorite reality show, HOWEVER, I have to give credit where credit is due.

These women are sharing their REAL lives with us!  They are not moving to Atlanta to be a part of the show.  Nor are they creating fake beefs and even faker boyfriends to stay employed.  These ladies are bringing us their true lives.


This Season we watched as more than one MARRIED couple fought for the survival of their marriage on-screen.  Most notably, Dr. Jackie was a complete trooper as she allowed the cameras to roll as she and her husband Curtis struggled to get over his infidelity.  And hear this…it wasn’t an easy, cut and dry storyline!  It was not perfect.  This season we could see Jackie’s embarrassment, anger, love and ultimately her forgiveness. And when Mariah confided in Jackie, who she has rarely seen eye to eye with, that she had been through the same thing and let her know that it is ok to fight for her marriage, I felt that in my core! This is REAL! News flash, Ladies and Gentlemen!  Some folks actually stay together and work it out.

Also, Simone and Cecil who the audience and cast looked to as the ideal couple, allowed their troubles to be shown on the air.  And ultimately what we witnessed was the demise of their marriage. But guess what Ladies and Gentleman : Sometimes the “perfect” couple doesn’t make it, no matter how bad we want them to be together (Simone and Cecil, We were rooting for you <in our Tyra Bank’s voices>)!

We watched Quad and Dr. G fight for most of the season and only God knows how that’s gonna end up.  And we watched Dr. Damon love his wife, Heavenly, unconditionally and have her back despite any missteps…and she had a LOT of them!

There has been plenty friendship drama, as well.  While watching the show, I get the feeling that these women may actually see each other when the show is not filming…Crazy huh? Ashow about a circle of friends who just may be a circle of friends.

We watched this season as Dr. Heavenly attempted to “work on herself”, but continue to fall short of being a kinder and gentler Heavenly.  And let’s not forget how Dr. Contessa had those nanny issues, where her nanny decided to that Mariah’s get together would be a great place to show out on Contessa leaving the ladies scratching their heads as to why in the hell would she put up with that kind of behavior.  Also, we watched Contessa choose her children over her career, by leaving medicine full-time to spend more time with her family.

Next, I love, love, love the fact that Toya and Eugene shared their financial issues with the world.  Where many people snickered at their money troubles and Toya spending too much damn money, I applauded Bravo for having a storyline like this on the air.  When the couple said, previously, in a confessional that they are the first folks in their family to make money like that, pretty much admitting that they had no example to look to, I wanted to shake their hands and hug them for their honesty.  For many of us we are the first in our families to actually make “good” money and many times we have to learn through trial and error how to handle our own finances.

These storylines are refreshing to me in a time when everybody wants to appear Picture-Perfect and Beat for The Gawds on social media!  I’m glad their is one show out there where the cast is happy to just be people!

I know that there were some struggles in the beginning with the whole Mariah/Toya fighting and carrying on around the pool or how Mariah and Quad were accused of copying Tamar Braxton’s way of talking (That’s just an ATL thing…Most of the girls talk like Queens!)  But if you were turned off by those things or anything else, I challenge you to tune back in.  The show is SOLID and the show is REAL.  It’s a show about educated and professional black couples trying to navigate through their lives, careers and relationships.  They have issues like the rest of us.  They are raising children, dealing with businesses, trying to make time for their spouses etc. These folks are not arguing over Sex Dungeons….Y’all like that shade!

The Good News is that rumor has it that Bravo realizes what a treasure it has in Married To Medicine and that the show has been picked up again for another season and the budget will be increased, allowing them for more fabulosity like it’s sister show RHOA.

So we say that we want positive representation on TV, well here it is!  Or do y’all really like the fights and the Thottin’ and y’all just fronting like y’all don’t….hmmm????