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Married To Medicine Reunion : It Takes a Village!!!

Married To Medicine’s Season 5 Reunion May Be One Of The Best Reality Show Reunions Of All Time!

Slicksters, y’all know that I have been singing the praises of Married to Medicine for quite some time now…especially this season (Baby, when I tell you the Married To Medicine girls brought it full-steam ahead this season) but I was in no way prepared for the three-part reunion.  Andy Cohen, you need to give us a heads up next time.  Somebody should have told my ass that I would be on a three episode emotional rollercoaster that would result in the feeling that I had just gone through a years worth of Marriage Therapy!

Let me say this:  That Reuinion was the Realest Reunion EVER!!!!  Not since Porsha Williams blacked out on Kenya Moore at the RHOA Reunion have I seen something so real on realty TV.

From start to finish, this year’s Married to Medicine Reunion had me hooked!  We thought that we were gonna focus mostly on the marriage issues of Dr. Jackie and her husband Curtis, but what we got was a whole lot more.

Jackie and Curtis

Although I am sure that Curtis would have continued his little escapades if he didn’t get caught, I truly believe he has learned his lesson. He didn’t shy away from what he did and he sat on that stage and took being picked apart by the cast like a man….for the most part.  I must admit, I was  a little put off by Curtis’ attitude at times when he snapped back at some of the cast’s comments.  Like calm down, Curtis, it’s the the reunion.  We have to rehash this mess.

As for Jackie, She has come so far!  Jackie started off the show as the Ice Queen, but Chile, Elsa is warming up.  This whole season Jackie was the real MVP, as she gracefully let us peek into the hardest situation of her life.  And she let those walls down.  We got to see the raw human emotions that we always knew were there. I am not glad that this mess happened to this couple but I am glad that they allowed us to see it.  It showed the world that some people DO survive infidelity.  Everyone is not quick to throw in the towel.  Right or Wrong, some folks do work it out.

At the reunion Jackie was not only emotional about her own relationship, but the other relationships on the show, as well, especially Simone and Cecil’s.

Simone and Cecil

Child, y’all were the main event.  I was devastated when Simone announced that she and Cecil would be getting a divorce.  Lawd, take me now!  Not my favorite couple.  Simone and Cecil have that old time love that your Mom and Dad, Auntie and Uncle and Grandparents had.  They are that couple that you just want to make yourself at home at their house, play spades, watch the superbowl and eat BBQ at.  I just love them.  But we got to see was a couple that had been going through their normal daily activities, while they were growing more and more away from each other.  We’ve all been there.  Usually there is an alarm that goes off and tells us, “Hey you better cook some fancy sh*t or plan a date night or something before yall get too far way”  But this alarm must be on mute at the Whitmore house.  Because they were so far apart  from each other that they were in denial!  This was DEEP!  But what happened next was beautiful!  The whole damn village fought for their marriage.  You need friends that are gonna fight for you when you cant and this is what their castmates did.  Every single cast member spoke up and jumped in.  They throw out questions, yelled, screamed and preached until they cracked that wall that the couple had up!  This is why this show is magical.  They really know each other and love each other.  They care about what happens to the other couples on the show and I love it.  When Simone and Cecil worked it on out and kissed I went crazy.  We had witnessed the two finding their way back to each other.

Now, a lot was said about this woman Tammy  who is Cecil’s close friend.  Simone called her a manipulator, and pretty much accused her of driving a wedge between her Cecil.  I don’t doubt this but I would LOVE to hear Tammy side of things.  I don’t want to rock the boat but if anybody know Tammy tell her to slide into my DM

Quad and Greg

Chile, what is there to say about this, but Greg is a HOT ASS MESS!  Quad started off being cryptic and not really sharing the whole story with us.  Quad likes to give a picture perfect appearance to the world…Sis don’t want one hair out of place.  That’s figuratively and literally.  She was obviously upset and just like the whole season, she was blaming it on having to take out the trash and not having anymore to give.  But Dr. G through a monkey-wrench in her plans when he decided to come all the way out about how he took a woman back to a hotel and allegedly nothing happened but she tried to extort him.  Well, baby, the ladies gave it to his ass something fierce!!!! Again the village cared enough to jump I gregs ass and tell him how wrong he was.

Although Greg came out with the real story, we may not have gotten the full story, as Allaboutthe interviewed the woman he went to the hotel with and she pretty much said that something INDEED happened!  She claimed they had oral sex and when she found out he was married she reached out to Quad.  It sounds like the truth is somewhere in between those two stories.

Sadly, at the end of the reunion, Quad and Greg hadn’t come to a resolution.  The truth is some folks don’t make it…Hell, some folks don’t need to make it.  Only they know what’s going on in their marriage, so All I can do is wish happiness for the both of them.

I loved this reunion…absolutely loved it!  And before I forget, Jackie may be the MVP of the season, but Toya is the MVP of the reunion….her and Eugene should share the trophy.  Who would have ever thought that Toya would be the voice of reason and that Eugene and Toya would be the nes to save Simone and Cecil’s marriage.  Toya and Eugene gave great advice and asked all the right questions.  I look at them in a whole new light.  Watch out Heavenly and Daddy! I think we got a new couple to host the couple’s trip next year.

I told y’all before that there was a rumor a little while ago that Married To Medicine would be getting a increase in budget for next season and after seeing the reunion.  I know why!  It’s clear that Bravo has to know the treasure that they have in Married to Medicine and I can’t wait to next season!  Good Job!