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RHOA: Are The Peaches Still Fresh???

Are We Growing Tired Of Our Favorite Georgia Peaches….

We are nearing the end of Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta..So what y’all think?  Well, Slicksters I am going to tell you what EXACTLY what I think: WASTE…OF…TIME!!!  I have always been very open about how I was deeply in love with RHOA.  It has been the standard that I have compared most reality shows to.  If you have a show coming out that’s supposed to be “classy” and “shady”, I compare it to RHOA.  And if you have a show coming out and it’s supposed to be “ratchet” and “Messy”, you best believe I am going to compare it to Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta!  Like it or not, these two shows have set most trends in modern day reality TV.  But I think One of them has lost its steam and it’s not LHHATL!!!

Somewhere, somehow last season LHHATL found its way back to our hearts.  We know there are MANY fabricated storylines and over-dramatized mess, it continues to keep our attention.  I think it’s because we can’t believe the ridiculousness that we are seeing when we watch.  So, I guess we are constantly amazed.

But Chile Nene and the girls cease to amaze me anymore.  But as a True-Blue Fan I am willing to fight for mine.  I know what’s wrong and I am here to fix it.

Problem #1 is that due to the success of the show (It’s the highest rated Housewife show) the cast has remained untouched.  We haven’t lost a major player since Lisa Wu. Look at how long ago that was!!! Nene, Kim and Sheree have all left and returned.  They claim Phaedra is gone for good but who really knows for sure.  All the other shows have let go of ladies who played a major role in the show as they lost their spark.  Not Atlanta!  They keep them girls year after year despite them no longer bringing anything to the table.  Deshawn Snow and Kim Fields were given permanent pink-slips but were they major losses at all?  It’s like they were never there in the first place.


Problem #2 When the show premiered it was based on a circle of friends who really knew each other and hung around in the same circles.  It made the drama more interesting because the stakes were higher.  If I am watching two best friends have a falling out and then I watch two women who were hired to act as friends have a falling out…. which do you think would make the biggest impact on me???  Instead of digging into these ladies’ social circles and finding some new ladies who will bring the drama by fighting for their friend or turning on their asses, they continue to hire women who have no personal connection.  And that makes for boring Television.


So, this is my solution…. Some of y’all will be mad but you will have to scratch your asses and get glad…because I am gonna say what I have to say!!!  With that being said…The show needs a major recast.  I’m talking like almost everyone.  I am guessing at this point we can keep Nene, Porsha and maybe Kandi…That’s maybe!  Why would I say maybe Kandi, you ask?  Because Kandi was soooo much better on the Xscape show. Kandi is a fixture on RHOA we can’t imagine the show without her.  But BABBYYYY I seen a whole new side of Kandi on the Xscape show.  She has history with them and I think Bravo needs to secure that show for a full season.  Kandi’s work on RHOA is done.  It’s time for her to have a PERMANENT spin off.  Nene is RHOA and we need her to stay so the show will still seem familiar.  Porsha is the future!  She’s insanely popular, has other jobs and as the youngest, she has many years of messiness ahead of her.


As we’ve seen on Season 10, Kenya is really not interested in being there.  Anyone can see she is tired of, whether you’re a fan or not.  It’s time for Kenya to take her husband and her alleged upcoming baby and twirl on out.  She has some acting coming up and I think that’s the direction she needs to go in.  It’s time for her to return to her roots.  Cynthia, girl, love you to the death of me, but you are only there because of that reason.  Cynthia has gotten an agency, an eyewear line, a bag line, an upcoming restaurant and a divorce out of RHOA.  Girl, I think you done had enough!  And Sheree these calls from Tyrone are not interesting enough to keep you in the game.  I liked the Sheree/Bob storyline better.  And with that said Auntie Marlo has ran her course as well.  Can we get some new blood???  No more “send them away…now bring them back”


Who should come in…well that’s easy.  Let’s start with two ladies who were originally supposed to be on the show or who at least were considered.  Maia Sly and Mariah Huq!!!  Mariah took her RHOA invitation and exchanged it for the chance to create Married to Medicine!  Since her cast mates seem to not appreciate the Fabulousness that is Mariah, we will gladly take her at RHOA!  Mariah is sassy, quick-witted and a part of the Atlanta social scene.  She is a force to be reckoned with and could go toe to toe with ANY of the Atlanta girls.  Plus, she is already acquainted with Nene!  And Maia Sly, who lead the cast of Cutting it in the ATL has a personality that HAS to be featured on reality TV.  Homegirl is above it all, nice/nasty and again out on the scene here in Atlanta.  And these two ladies are actually friends.  Isn’t that a novel idea!

And these are just two of the MANY Socialites here in ATL that could revive the show.  I can’t understand for the life of me why with all the drama here in this city does Bravo insist on flying in actresses to be Atlanta Housewives.


Bravo promised for an EPIC season 10…Where is it???  I have heard many rumblings of a shake-up for season 11.  Let’s pray that this is the case!  Don’t get me wrong…we all love the show, but sometimes love isn’t enough!