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Did Faith Evans Cause A Break Up with Stevie J and One of These Women???

Did Faith Evans Break Up A Relationship Between Stevie J And Another Woman???  Here’s More Tea About Stevie J And His Alleged Relationships With Three Other Women!!!

Babbbby, they done took most of the soap operas off the air and the Reality Shows plots are drying…BUT have no fear!  Stevie J is here!!!!  The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star is proving that, once again, fact is way better than fiction.  I’ve been telling y’all all about Stevie J and the two young women who are claiming to be pregnant by him! I was also THE FIRST to bring you the Tea on Traci Steele and Stevie’s undercover relationship. And I’ve kept it 100 with y’all about all the details that have followed!

Recently, things went crazy when an Instagram Blog @Gossipservedcold_ reported on the video of Stevie playing B-ball wit Traci Steele’s son!  Chile, Two ladies connected to Stevie  jumped into the comment section!  And they were not too happy!  Those women were Montrece Parker and Liz Gaspari, two women who have had business partnerships with stevie, but have been rumored to be romantically and/or sexually linked to him….Go head and read what they wrote and I will give you tea!  And even Faith Evans is in the mix…



LOL…They mad huh???

Let me say that this Tea is from very reliable Love and Hip Hop Sources. Lets Start With Miss Liz!  Liz is in the supplement and fitness business and is in business with Mr. Steven Jordan with Dangerzone Hardcore. As you all know Stevie is the face of this company.  They sell fitness-related products such as: hoodies, athletic wear , supplements etc.  But according to my sources, Liz is allegedly Tricking off on Stevie J.  They say…not me (Cover Thyne Ass)!  They say that Stevie is in a sexual relationship with this woman and in return she’s breaking him off with the cash.  My sources have also informed me that most of the cars that we see Stevie driving around in are Liz’s.  Stevie are you a ManWhore????  Allegedly, they have been fooling around for a long time but Stevie has never officially confirmed any relationship with Liz. Based on her IG comments sounds like Liz is hot as fish grease!  And from the sounds of it, Stevie might have been over her crib playing house too!

Montrece is a little bit different.  As far as Montrece goes, Stevie was in a business partnership with her, as well, working on Danger Zone Auto with her.  She’s a car dealer from Texas and opened up a dealership in ATL when she linked up with Stevie J.  Now, I reached out to Montrece and she seemed very open and receptive to my call.  According to Ms. Parker she was with Stevie for a year.  And she wants to know how in the hell was Traci in a deep relationship with Stevie, if she was at the house all the way up until this past March!  I must note that she did tell me that she would leave and go to Texas for 3 or 4 days at a time to check on her auto business out there. But, she said she never heard or saw Traci around, like ever!  She says she is cool with not being acknowledged on TV as Stevie’s main woman because she’s not the TV type…in short, she plays no games!  I can tell this to be true just from our short convo!

Montrece told me that Misha Perry, the twenty years-old who is claiming that she is pregnant with Stevie’s Baby is not lying when it comes to sleeping with Stevie…She even confirmed the threesome story that Miss Perry told, where she said that her and Stevie had a threesome with her friend.  She said Misha Perry was only there for 3-4 days, this contradicts Misha’s Story.  She also said she doubts the pregnancy!

Now Listen up!  She also went on to say that Faith Evans is the reason that she and Stevie broke up!  This is how the alleged story goes:  Joseline Hernandez called every morning to let Stevie talk to Bonnie.  Once Stevie learned that he would be doing time, he said he wanted to spend time with Bonnie.  Stevie said he would keep Bonnie, but he would put Joseline in a hotel.  Montrece said that she knows that Bonnie would want Joseline there so she volunteered to go stay at a hotel, instead.  She said Stevie couldn’t believe that she was the type of woman that would let his ex stay at his house for the sake of his child having there mother with them during the stay.  Montrece says that she took her bags and went to a hotel and then she goes on social media and low and behold, Faith Evans is LIVE at Stevie’s  house and no Joseline or Bonnie in sight!  She packed her sh*t and went back to Texas.  She said Stevie and Faith kick it like they are BFFs but they are more then friends!

All I can say is Blame it on the Beefcake chile!  And this soap opera is far from over.  As I write this post more tea is pouring in….Stay Tuned!