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Eva Marcille’s Ex Implies That Her New Born Is His!

Eva Marcille’s Messy-Ass Ex, Kevin McCall Implies That Her Newborn Son May Belong To Him!!!

Things are certainly poppin’ for my girl Eva Marcille!  Eva is engaged to Atlanta Lawyer, Michael Sterling, She was welcomed with open arms when she landed on this past season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, And above all things, she recently gave birth to a baby boy.  I really hope we get to see more Eva next season.  She’s kinda like that new voice of reason.  Having her on the show is like having “one of us”on the show.  She just kinda looks at this strangely and in her confessional moments, she confesses how ridiculous their behavior is.  Yass’s girl!  Thank you for being a friend! We need someone to slap some reality into the show.

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And although Eva’s own personal reality seems to be filled with Joy, there is one part of her life that I am sure she wishes would just go away….Her Ex!  That’s right!  Kevin McCall is at it again.  If y’all remember, Kevin had the audacity, nerve and gaul to say that he not only erasing he and Eva’s beautiful daughter, Marley Rae, off his social media but he said he was disowning her all together. All this because she appeared in a pic with EVa’ new man on social media.  Grow. The. F*ck. Up!  I’m clapping every syllable as I say that too!

If that was not enough, he is now adding insult to injury by implying that Eva’s new baby may be his because of the baby’s complexion.  Chile!  What is this 1933???  We know damn well as black people that our children can come out any complexion across the spectrum based on our genetic background.

Kevin leave these people alone and at least attempt to find some business.  Eva is on such a chill vibration these days and at  positive place in her life that I am sure all she did with this latest little outcry was pay him no attention and plenty of dust.  Bye Boy!