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Eva Marcille Calls Kim’s Costume Shade “Unnecessary”

Eva Marcille Talks About Her Halloween/Bday Bash and Kim’s “Unnecessary” Comments! 

On the Season 10 Finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we got to see our peaches dress up, yet again this season.  We had the 50 Cynt party where they all dressed up as their favorite Cynthia Bailey “Looks” and also, we had Sheree Whitfield’s 70’s party, which looked like it was lots of fun. So to end out this dry ass season (Click HERE to see how dry  think the peaches are now), what else would they do but ANOTHER damn costume party.

I must admit thought, I loved the costumes…I screamed when Nene Leakes and her hubby, Greg, came out as an Exterminator and a Roach!  Greg is such a good sport.  He goes along with whatever crazy scheme La Leakes comes up with and I love it!!!  But everyone looked really good including Eva Marcille and Sheree who both came as Cleopatra!  To be all the way real, Eva’s, who was co-hosting with Kandi Burruss, costume was more fleshed out and realized than Sheree’s.  Sheree looked like what most of us do…just throw something cute together to come to the party, and I think she still looked good!

But leave it to old Hatin’-ass, kissin’-up-ass Kim Zolciak to try and start some schoolyard mess between Eva and Sheree, trying to say that Sheree looked prettier and her costume was better.  Kim!!!  Hold up Sis!!!  Even though I may feel like Eva was a little too chill this season, Watch your mother*ckin’ mouth!  That is Eva The Diva and there are not many woman walking around Atlanta looking better then her…And No Shade Sheree, But Miss Wigfield:  You did not!

But why even go there, Kim??? Why do you have to make someone look small, especially the hostess?  Are you threatened?  You just sound foolish, yet again!  Just like in Season 1 when you kept telling Sheree how pretty she is!  I mean damn can you et Sheree breathe.  The way to everybody’s heart is not blowing smoke up their ass!

Well Eva found Kim’s remarks to be just as petty and childish as the rest of us.  Here’s what she told

I was surprised to hear Kim’s comments about my costume. There was no need to compare me and Shereé or try and offer an opinion on what is and what is not “pretty.” Who is she to make that judgment? We can both be beautiful with our different versions of Cleopatra!

However, her comments do provide perspective into how she conducts herself and why she is struggling to get along with the others. It was unnecessarily mean, and that sort of uncalled for negativity and mean-spiritedness is unbecoming. Ultimately, I felt great at the party and had a ball, and that’s all that really matters!

On second thought, maybe we could use a little “chill” on RHOA, because the drama this season was tired, overworked and stale.  OK, Eva Marcille, you might be pushing through with something we need!  Hmmmm.