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It pays to cheat and be messy: LHHATL Salaries Revealed???

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Salaries Have Allegedly Been Revealed…See The Rumored Salaries of your Favorite VH1 Sh*t-Starters…Do You Think They Are Worth It!!!

Every time a new season of Love and Hip Hop comes around and we get a new fresh pile of mess, we always here one of our friends, if not ourselves, say “You couldn’t pay me to act up like that!”
Are you sure, Girl?  Because the salaries for the main cast has allegedly just leaked out and let me be up front and honest and say:  I might have to throw a drink or get somebody pregnant in the near future!!!
I am just playing….or am I?  But seriously, if these Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta salaries are correct, they are nothing to sneeze at!  According to InTouch Weekly former LHHATL star, Joseline Hernandez, was getting $400,000 per season. Now I wonder how much they will pay her to come back!  This season sure is missing some spice!
They also are claiming that “Mr. I’m not the Baby Daddy, no I am the Daddy”, Kirk Frost, makes $300,000 per season. While his wife Mrs. Boss Lady Rasheeda makes about $25,000 per episode which is $300,000 for a full season. Can you say: Rewarded for behaving badly!
And in the not bad category, the trap princess Tommie Lee, reportedly, just started making about $17,000 per episode which is $240,000 per season. I think that’s about right since Tommie is highly entertaining but hasn’t had a major storyline in a while!  I sho’ do love Tommie though!
Now I’m surprised that allegedly Mimi Faust is only making $100,000 per season. I guess now that she doesn’t have all that Stevie/Joseline drama around she is just chilling and collecting that OG check….and not really bringing that much to the table. Sigh.
Now what is even more surprising is that Miss Messy Boots USA, Karlie Redd supposedly only makes $50,000 per season. I can’t believe that, especially considering how messy she is. Girl you out there starting all that Drama and doing THE MOST for 50K???  Gurrrrlllllll!!!!
And of course they couldn’t get their hands on “The Good Guy’s” salary!  Stevie J has that on lock-down!
What y’all think?  Would you be sleazy, conniving and overall messy for that kinda cash?