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One Night Stand Or Nah? Traci Steele Video Shows Stevie Spending Time With Her Son!

Receipts!!!  Video Is Leaked Showing Stevie Spending Time With Traci Steele’s Son!  Stevie, We thought You Sad It Was A One Night Stand!

Chile’, I told you that this thing was heating up!  First we had Misha Perry posting al kinds of receipts on her Instagram, until she suddenly went private!  And now we have receipts involving Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Stevie J coming out of Traci Steele’s camp!

Recently, Stevie called into local Atlanta radio station, V103, and talked to Big Tigger about his alleged relationship with former costar Traci Steele and denied all implications that he was in a relationship with Traci.  Stevie said that all it was only a one-night stand.

As suspected, this outraged Traci and her camp and her infamous publicist, PJ Hudson, opened the vault and pulled out receipts, Hunni!!!  Yassss she pulled a video of Stevie J playing Basketball with her Traci’s son as Traci recorded and gave commentary!  Now, Slicksters, you know I keep it all the way real….I have had my share of one-nighters in the passed (I’m saved and sanctified, now!) BUT I aint never played no ball with none of they churren!!!  Not with Lil’ Sean, not with  bad-ass Hakeem or ADHD-ass Reek Reek!!! So this was goooood!!!!  We know there is more to the story than what Stevie said on the show!

But to make it even mo’ better, PJ Hudson read “The Good Guy” for filth in a caption that rivaled a college thesis!!! Yessss come through Academia!!!

PJ is no stranger to the wild world of Love and Hip Hop as she has represented other LHHATL stars such as Tiffany Foxx and Momma Dee (That last one ain’t go to well….the tea is piping HOT)

Take a look at the post and video below!  PJ Hudson wrote:

Today I am standing in the SUN for one of my clients @tracisteelewho was involved in a very toxic relationship with @hitmansteviej_1 … Mr. Jordan decided to call into @bigtiggershow and disclose on-air that him and #TraciSteele had a “One Off”- a one night stand….implying that he hit it once, quit it and that was it!! Given that I know very specific factual detailed information as a Crisis/PR Manager for #TraciSteele I will not get into deep context, however I will address Mr.Jordan Publicly since that seems to be the only “Professional” way to get some truth out without the media and radio outlets speculating, and I always keep a stash of receipts just in case individuals like “The Good Guy” decides to discredit the truth… Can you explain HOW you found the time to be around Traci and her only son (whom she is overly protective of) if she was just a One Off?? Didn’t you ask her for a child? Should I provide those receipts also?? I usually don’t get in the middle of “Celebrity Relationships” especially ones dealing with my clients ,but seeing what I saw, and knowing what I know and then hearing Mr.Jordan discredit my client like she was just another random groupie trying to get a come-up is utterly disgusting!! She is an established #CelebrityDJ ,Author, has a respected career in radio internationally, OWN’s multiple homes, is college educated, and never once uttered your name out of her mouth….. you should be worried about Ms.Perry and her growing baby bump… let’s not forget you tried the same “that ain’t my baby” tactic with @joseline and embarrassed her in front of the world when she was telling the truth about your anal pleasures, and your evil controlling ways towards women!! I am choosing to stand in the sun like the #Gladiator that it’s going to take ,to make you understand that playing with the mental capacity and using the physical being of these women for your own twisted pleasures is a gig, and unfortunately that gig is up!! God Bless You Mr. Jordan, and I hope you come to know that just like #OliviaPope I’m handling a mess that YOU created… so thank me later sir!! #Facts#NoFakeNews #Credible #CelebrityNews#2CanPlayYourGame #lhhatl