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Awwww Damn! Married To Medicine’s Quad Files For Divorce From Greg!!!

Married To Medicine Star Quad Webb-Lunceford Files For Divorce From Husband, Greg After A Tulmutous Season In Front Of Viewers!

Well, I think we all seen this coming, but that doesn’t mean I am happy to report it.  Married To Medicine’s Quad Webb-Lunceford has filed for Divorce from her husband, Gregory.  All last season, we sat and watched the two go at it in front of the cameras.  And sometimes we didn’t even know what they were arguing about.  Well, the root of a lot of their issues was exposed in front of our eyes, during the reunion, when the couple decided to come clean about Greg’s infidelity.  As the story goes, Greg claims that he went back to a hotel with a friend and a couple of young ladies.  He claimed at the reunion that he had second thoughts and left the woman at the hotel before doing anything. He then said that the women attempted to extort him.  And yes, y’all, the story has more holes than swiss cheese but that’s the story that he was sticking to!  As the reunion wet on, we watched Simone and Cecil, who were already headed for divorce, rectify and give their marriage another shot, Quad and Greg were just left in limbo….But I think we all knew what is was headed for.

Well, Straight From The A is, now, reporting the details of Quad filing.

According to court records, Quad officially filed for divorce from her husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford, on May 1, 2018….Quad was first to hit the courthouse as she’s the plaintiff in the pending divorce action, which was filed May 1, 2018.

I’m always the first one to encourage a couple to stay married and fight but even I have to admit that it was painfully obvious that it was over between these two.