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Kandi Burruss Defends Andy Cohen…Says He Does Not Hate Women!

Kandi Burruss Defends Her Bravo Boss Against Critic Jillian Michaels….Tells Jillian to Back The F— Up!…Says Andy Cohen Does Not Hate Women!

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Y’all know Reality TV is, obviously, my favorite TV genre!  Ooooh I love the juicy fights, arguments and above all: The Shade!!!  I live for a shady-ass reunion.  The days that the reunion episodes air are like holidays in my house.  Food…Guests….And Fun!!!  So, of course, I am always annoyed when people want to try and get me into a corner and preach about how bad they are for the community, society and the good of all mankind…GIRL BYE!!!

I am an eighties baby, so I grew up at the height of the soap opera genre.  Both Night and Daytime soaps were poppin’ in the eighties. So for those of us who grew up watching Erica Kane throw vases at her enemies’ heads and Alexis and Krystal wearing huge shoulder pads and fighting around pools,  reality TV is a modern-day throwback to the good ol’ days!  Right now Nene Leakes, Lisa Vanderpump, Karen Huger etc. are our Alexis’s and Krystals!!!  And we have Andy Cohen to thank!

Reality TV is often criticized but its magnetism is undeniable and with Andy’s huge success comes tons of critics!  Recently Jillian Micheals who shot to fame from appearing on The Biggest Loser, came down pretty hard on Andy Cohen, accusing him of hating women.  Chile” she even called Andy a ‘A–hole’

It is like it was created by somebody who hates women! I mean the guy hates them. He is an a**hole. I hate that s**t! I never watch it. I hate watching women tear each other apart. Anyone who watches it, shame on you.

I personally think Jillian is still mad that Andy said that she was his worst guest EVER!!!  You mad or nah, Jillian!

Kandi Burruss of The Real Housewives of Atlanta recently spoke out in Andy’s defense and told Andy’s critics to “back the f— up!”  Take a look, below!