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LHHATL’s Tommie Has To Wear Alcohol Monitor Or Next Stop Is Jail!!!

Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Tommie Lee Has Been Order To Wear An Alcohol Monitor Or She Will Face Jail Time!

I know I haven’t spoke too much about my girl, Tommie Lee, of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, but my longtime Slicksters know how I feel about her.  I have always felt that Tommie came in to the Love And Hip Hop world with so much momentum.  She had that tick-tick-boom factor lie Joseline like she could go off on you at any moment.  To me, Tommie has always been reality TV gold!  I used to love how she could be crying to Scrap one minute and trying to tear his ass up the next.  This girl was all over the place and it was entertaining as hell.

But there was always something holding her back….and it was the alcohol.  Tommie has always struggled to keep a consistent story line and that tick-tick-boom factor was not just for TV.  She was whipping asses out in the streets too.  In short, her drinking has stopped her from taking her rightful place as Reality TV star.

Well, after her latest run in with the law, the authorities are putting a stop to all the drinking…that’s if she wants to stay her as out of jail.  They are making her sobriety a part of her bail conditions, according to TMZ.

TMZ wrote:

If she wasn’t already, it’s time for Tommie Lee to get on the wagon … unless she wants to get hauled back to jail.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star’s immediately required to wear a SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device around her ankle as a new condition of her bail stemming from 2 legal cases in Fulton County, Georgia.

The judge handed down the order Friday … along with a warning not to drink any alcohol until her cases are resolved.

We’re told the device — which detects alcohol consumption through sweat every 30 minutes — is not provided by the court, so the $400-500 monthly cost comes out of Tommie’s pocket.

It could have been worse for her, though — we’re told prosecutors pushed for getting her bond from her 2016 DUI arrest revoked due to her recent arrest for an alleged mall employee attack … but the judge opted for the alcohol monitoring instead.

It’s unclear when Tommie’s scheduled to be back in court … but stay tuned.

Maybe this is a good thing, y’all! I’m hoping that Tommie can come out of this on top.