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Grown Woman: Misha Perry Sends Open Letter To Alleged “BD” Stevie J

Misha Perry Has Sent An Open Letter To Alleged Baby Daddy Stevie J Asking Him To Put The Child First

Well, y’all, it looks like Misha Perry is not going away anytime soon.  But she came back this time a little different and much more mature.  Picture that!  Someone in The “Love and Hip Hop Universe” showing maturity.

When we last left Misha, she was cussing and carrying on and threatening to expose Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J for the “Bad Guy” he really is!  It seems that she has had a change of heart.  She has taken to Social Media to send a message to Stevie J and the child’s feelings and well-being seem to be at the heart of the message.  Let me also note that Miss Perry says to Stevie J that she does not want child support like the rest of his baby mothers….How YOU down’ Josefine!!!!

If we take all of our opinions and put them to the side and really be REAL, this girl is absolutely right!  Whether we want her to be or not…in this letter…right here…she is right!!!! What makes her baby any different than any of the other children he has had.  I’ve read tons of comment on this whole issue and I am shocked that so many women are placing the blame on this girl.  Did she have unprotected sex alone???  Don’t it take two to make a baby???  Girl, y’all wearing me thin!  And whether she should have known better or not is irrelevant. None of this Hot Mess is the baby’s fault.  Forget Him.  Forget Her.  Baby is what’s important!

Now, I’m sure we will be seeing this unfold every Monday night next year, but I hope that when the cameras turn off, everyone remembers that a child has to grow up wanting their father, wanting their siblings and paying for the sins of his or her parents.  I hope this letter sparks something in Stevie!  And if this in fact is his child I hope the best for everybody involved.

No mess in this post….I’ll be extra messy next time! I Promise!