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Is Stevie J’s Company Danger Zone A Fake….Were Joseline and Estelita Really Signed???

Rumors Swirl That Stevie J’s Danger Zone Management Was Never A Real Company

Let me start off by saying that I am totally in love with Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, right now!  I love the casting and the new generation that they are ushering in.  Tokyo Vanity is a breakout star, Sierra has stepped her game up big time and although I am #TeamTokyo, I must admit that Spice has been a good edition.  And I am loving the new guys, as well.  K Botchey, BK Brasco (Although he ain’t speak the other day but whatever)…. And I am even enjoying Sean Garrett.

These newbies have replaced the tired old storylines.  One storyline, in particular,  that I was and still am tired of watching is the “I am signed to Stevie and he doing me wrong” story that we seen with both Estelita and Joseline. For the record, I don’t give a damn who the first lady of danger zone is!!!  Well, if the rumors that are going around are true, we will NOT be seeing that tired story anymore.  Hell, if the rumors are true, we shouldn’t have ever seen it in the first place.  They are saying:  Bih! There ain’t no Danger Zone to be first lady of!!!!

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According to some very good sources close to the show, Stevie J’s company, Danger Zone, never even existed.  They are alleging that this is all made up…smoke and mirrors.

Now, with that being said, we watched Joseline fight to get out of  a contract for NOTHING!  Estelita crying and spilling her guts to Erica for NOTHING!

The rumor is that they were never legally obligated to stay in the contracts because the contracts were invalid.  And my sources say that Estelita is very upset.

So we done sat there and watched a lot of Boo-hooing in Spanglish for no reason at all.  And  that means that Mimi ain’t a partner in absolutely nothing.   And all this mess with Brittany and Keely and the whole kit and caboodle is as invalid as they are alleging that the contracts are.

Throw the whole tired ass storyline away!

My sources say that this will be revealed to the public very soon, but I thought y’all would want to know now!  You gotta give it to Stevie though…he’s a natural-born hustler!