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It’s A Girl!!! Stevie J’s Alleged Baby Mom Misha Perry Puts New Ultrasound Vid Up!

Does Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Stevie J have a new baby girl on the way???

Y’all, I told you that Misha Perry, the 20 years old woman that alleges that she is pregnant by Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Stevie J is NOT going away! She got Diddy Syndrome:  Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!  Though many have criticized the woman online and accused her of “clout-chasing”, Misha Perry has stuck to her story and is not wavering.

Let me refresh your memories….Misha claimed that she was in a seven months long distance relationship with Stevie after meeting online.  She alleges that the two met up when she visited family in ATL.  And after some alone time together during her stay, Chile, the two decided to bring in a third and invited over her best friend for a little group action.

During this little two week stay in Atlanta, Misha claims to have gotten pregnant by Stevie!  But after a fallen out, the two haven’t spoken, although Misha has reached out and sent a message to him via an Instagram post!

Well, now Homegirl says she is 23 weeks pregnant and she seems very excited!!!  She’s posted an ultrasound on Instagram!!!   And get this she posted the name,as well:  Harmony Jordan!!!

The young woman has said several times that she is not looking for child support…And I think that’s good because, going by his track record, I don’t think she’ll be getting it anyway!

Also, this doesn’t seem like it’s a good time for Stevie. We not only have the pregnancy accusation by Misha, but remember that there is another young lady out there who is claiming to be pregnant by him, as well.  And he’s getting all kinds of horrible press for rumors that he fought Erica Mena at the reunion and called her son a F-gg-t!!!  WTF!!!  But that’s not all, a little birdie is dropping tea that all that glitters in Stevie’s life on the show ain’t gold!  A major part of his storylines since season one is now being rumored to have be manufactured and this could change EVERYTHING….stay tuned Slicksters!