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Nene Sends Heartfelt Message of Gratitude to Everyone For Well-Wishes For Gregg…Even Wig!!!

Nene Leakes Sends Heartfelt Message To Her Fans, Other Celebrities and, Yes, Even Kim Zolciak!!!!

At this troubling time, Nene Leakes seems to be in good spirits and ready for a fight…really when has Nene ever backed down from a fight!  Recently, I told y’all that Nene revealed that her husband, Gregg Leakes, has been diagnosed with Cancer.  After the revelation, Nene and Gregg received an out pour of love, support and prayers from the fans, celebs and her  Real Housewives of Atlanta cast-mates.

Feeling the love, Nene took to social media to express her gratitude…even her archenemy, Kim Zolciak!!!  And Nene not only wanted to say thank you but she also wanted to get a bit of advice for Gregg’s treatment plan

Glad to see that at a time like this, all the ladies can put their differences aside and come together to support our girl! As we know, may times its unfortunate circumstances that bring us together.  Nene captioned her post, promising to keep everyone updated!

Thank You all so very much! Excuse how i had to type this as i am at different appts with Gregg so i just type when i can to keep you guys updated❤ #lifeoftheleakes