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RHOA’s Kenya Moore And Bravo In Deadlock Over Contract???

Is Kenya Moore Holding Out For Housewife Status And Making Sure Her Bag Is Secured For Season 11

My longtime readers know that when it comes to Kenya Moore I am still confused as F*ck!  Let me start off by saying, again, that when I watch the “Reality” shows, I view the participants as characters.  After adding a little drama to their personalities, and after the magic of editing, we get a version of them that does not match up all the time (sometimes it does) with their real life personalities.  This is the case with Moore!  Kenya, onscreen, is the villain that I root against, Kenya in real life is a really nice lady!  I’m being real y’all.  Y’all would Gaaaagggg at how sweet she is!!!!  Being at events with her and working with her on one occasion, I am still amazed that we don’t get to see the polite, respectful and kind woman that she really is.  I’m not mad at it though…being the villain pays the bills!

Well, all the reports and rumors floating around are pointing to Kenya Moore being in complete deadlock with Bravo.  Allegedly, the network wants her to take a major pay cut but that’s not all….

Radar Online wrote:

Kenya’s status as a ‘friend’ is in jeopardy because she is holding up the deal,” an insider snitched. “Kenya was told she would have to take a drastic pay cut and there was no guarantee about how many episodes she would appear in, or if she would appear in any at all 

Any at ALL???? And I’m still hearing that housewife is on the table, but scaled all the way down!  I really don’t see the point of all this.  In my opinion, either you want her or you don’t.  I’m not saying keep her…I’m saying stop playing in her face.  I feel that Moore has brought enough to RHOA over the years to deserve more than this.  I agree with Kenya when she recently said in a social media post that either she would be a housewife or nothing at all.

I, personally believe that her time is up….But she is not alone.  I feel that Atlanta needs a major shake-up and I am totally fine with just keeping Nene, Porsha and Kandi….for now! Everybody else, including Marlo, should move on to new projects.

I find Eva to be refreshing and I am glad to have her join the crew.  This is what the viewers need!!!  Come on in New Blood!

But Kenya, I think you should tell them to stop playing in your face.  I would say “Thank you, but no thank you” and shop a new project around, elsewhere.