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Is There Yet Another New Woman Possibly Joining The Real Housewives of Atlanta???

There’s Another Possible Newbie Who May Be Joining The Woman Of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta!!!

Just the other day I was telling y’all about Shamari Devoe, wife of New Edition’s Ronnie Devoe, testing with the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta for a spot on the show.  Well, we now it looks like we may have another woman hoping for the chance to hold a peach.  Her name is Tanya Sam!

And apparently she’s been filming lately with Nene, Cynthia and Marlo!

From her social media, you learn that Miss Thang is very fashion forward and loves a label!  Also She’s Canadian born which is a definite change and guess what???  She is actually MARRIED!!!!  Now it hasn’t been confirmed that she is in the running for a peach but I am really glad that this pool of women that they are selecting from actually live in ATLANTA and not some one they flew in.  I’m sure more tea will pour in about Tanya…it’s just a matter of time….