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OMG!!! Misha Perry Releases Stevie J Diss Song…Did Stevie Sleep With Mona Scott???

Stevie J’s  20 Years Old Alleged Baby Momma, Misha Perry, Drops Stevie Diss Song On Same Day That Stevie and New Wife Faith Releases New Song!!!

Well, all I can say is: Sis got Balls of STEELE!!!!  Misha Perry is definitely Diddy’s spirit animal…..Can’t Stop, Won’t stop!!!  This 20 years old alleged Baby Momma of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Stevie J is determined to get her story out and she may just have done it, today, in a MAJOR way!  In interviews, she has alluded to the fact that she didn’t need Stevie’s money, and that she had her own!  Well, looks like she just may be telling the truth!  Sis went and teamed up with known music Producer Steve Storch and concocted a Stevie J Diss song, titled Trending!

And that’s not all, Slicksters!  She has filled the song with enough tea to choke a horse. She says in the song that Stevie said he slept with his boss Mega TV Producer Mona Scott!!!  Mona, girl, say it ain’t so!!! Not only that, she, also, says that she loaned Stevie her Cadillac truck and he got it chopped up, meaning he got it broken down for parts and sold it. Of course what Stevie J Diss song would be complete without references to cocaine!!!  I mean come on you gotta have that!

Y’all we really need Maury to do a Paternity Test Special with these two!  That would be EPIC!!!!

To add insult to injury she released the song on the same day as newlyweds, Stevie J and Faith Evans released their joint project, A Minute!  Chile, this is getting too good. I am praying to the Reality TV gawds that we get to see the drama between all parties unfold next season on LHHATL!  This is getting to be TOO MURCH!!!

Listen Below and get the Tea, Slicksters!!!