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Come on now, Girl!!! LHHATL’s Tommie Lee Arrested AGAIN in ATLANTA???? (Video)

Tommie Lee of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Reportedly, Arrested AGAIN in Atlanta!!!

I have said it before and I will say it again!  Tommie Lee of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is great TV.  We’ve watched her switch emotions in a scene faster than most women change stilettos.  One minute, Miss Thang is crying and the next, she’s fighting.  We’ve watched her deal with family issues, get thrown off the show, and fight Alcoholism.  In short, she has become the underdog that most of us are rooting for

And we all know that Tommie has a wrap sheet as long as I-85, but DAMN!  Girl, you still at it???  The Shade Room is reporting that Tommie, allegedly, was arrested last night in Atlanta for slapping a parking valet! How much dam rooting can we do!

What is she trying to prove at this point.  At some point she’s going to have realize that she’s on a platform that many aspiring models, actresses, singers, rappers, etc. would kill to be on.  I love the song she did with Spice and she definitely has the “IT” factor, but all that means nothing if she can’t pull cut the drinking ut and keep her hands to herself.

I once looked at Tommie Lee as the future of LHHATL, but that idea has faded away.  Tokyo and Sierra have taking that crown, but it’s not too late for homegirl to get it back!  Next year, if there is a next year on the show for her, we need less drinking and less tears. Right now, we are just watching her spin out of control and it’s not a good look.

America’s loves to watch a train wreck on TV, but this has gone too far.  Tommie get it together!  You’re out here looking crazy in these streets and we want to see you next season!!!