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Body Cam Of Officer Who Arrested T.I. Released…Said T.I. Thinks His Sh-t Don’t Stink (Video)

Body Cam Footage From The Officer That arrested T.I. After The Incident With The Guard At His Home Has Been Released…Guard Say’s “He Thinks His Sh-t don’t stink!!!

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I’m not going to mince words or tip-toe around this!  The story has never sounded kosher from the jump.  From the guard cussin’ out Tiny to T.I. being arrested in the first place in the gated community that he owns a home in.  But the Body Cam footage from the police officer has been released and it just looks like they just wanted to make an example out of Tip!!!

TMZ has released the videos, and you can plainly see that the rapper is being made an example of.

TMZ wrote:

The cop who arrested T.I. outside the guard shack of his gated community talked major trash about the rapper and his level of fame … and it was all captured on the officer’s body cam.

TMZ obtained the footage from the Henry County officer who busted T.I. for public drunkenness and simple assault of the security guard back in May. The video shows the officer talking to the guard, who had refused to let T.I. enter when he didn’t have his key. 

The guard’s supervisor tells the cop, “That’s T.I., the rapper.” The cop repsonds, “He thinks his s**t don’t stink” and then laughs. The supervisor agreed with the officer. 

TMZ broke the story, T.I. says the guard — who was eventually fired over the incident — had also cursed out Tiny when she called to say it was okay to let her husband enter their gated community.

Take al look at the two videos below!

Chile, Tip was not letting it go…I am glad he spoke up for himself, but if he wasn’t famous I think this would have went a whole ‘nother way!  He came out of this situation with 3 misdemeanors…And some don’t make it out alive.