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Cardi B Headlining Her Fashion Nova Line Launch Party…May Drop New Single!!!

Cardi B Headlining Her Fashion Nova Launch Party…Rumors Swirl That She Might Drop A New Single Too!!!

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Now THIS is smart!!!  With all the fame and influence Cardi B has acquired so quickly, what else is their to do but come out with your own clothing line!  Not only that…She’s teaming up with a company that she’s already publicizing in her raps….Fashion Nova!!!

But the latest ingenious idea from Cardi, is that rumor has it that she will be headlining her own launch party and may even drop a new single.  When your the hottest thing in music, right now, why not?

TMZ wrote:

Cardi B‘s got her sights set on taking over the fashion world, but she’s still gonna use her music to kick things off.

Cardi’s collabing with Fashion Nova on her own collection, and CEO Richard Saghiantells us they’re planning a HUGE launch party for its release … featuring a live set from the “I Like It” rapper herself.

We’re told other big artists are slated to perform as well … and the event’s scheduled for early November.

There’s more — Saghian says it’s not a done deal, but he anticipates Cardi will be dropping a brand new single at the party … which they’ll stream live on FN’s website.

I love when things make sense and this truly does!  She’s gonna have everyone waiting to see if she will drop the single and she has the fashion line all rolled into it.

So far Cardi has done a good job of finding her lane and sticking to it.  I only wish that other celebs would take a page out her book.  Instead of keeping up with the Joneses and coming out with products just like everybody else, pay attention to your own brand and find products and endorsements that suit you!

Good job, Cardi!!!