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Cynthia Bailey Reveals Her New Man….And You May Know Him!!!

Grown and Sexy: RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey Reveals Her New Man Is Sportscaster Mike Hill From Fox Sports!!!!

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Our Favorite Atlanta Supermodel, Cynthia Bailey might be getting her groove back!  After a season of awkward scenes and an even more awkward kiss with Will, Cynthia Bailey recently started dropping hints that she had a new guy in her life.

Well, y’all, she has sweetly revealed her new man and he may be familiar to some of you….He is Mike Hill of Fox Sports!  She made a very romantic Instagram post , where the words “Happy Birthday Mike” was spelled out in candles.” She captioned it with:

Happy Birthday @itsmikehill🎉 I hope you enjoy your special day baby💋
#CHill #leoseason #birthdayfollow

OK, Cyn!  We see you And did y’all see how she wrote #CHill as in Cynthia Hill!!!  Are there wedding bells in the future?

To let y’all know that Cynthia was all his, Mike shot back with this post!

Have to admit, this birthday caught me by surprise!! I’m so grateful and blessed. Thank you for being so awesome!!! I usually do a big party but sometimes you just have to Chill. #LeoSeason#JustBeHappy @cynthiabailey10

Now, let me say this, longtime readers know that I don’t care what nobody says!  I have always been #TeamCynthiaNPeter….BUT if this is a genuine love affair, I am all for it! I wasn’t a fan of the whole Will thing. Hell! I don’t think anybody was.  It just seemed like he was just a jump-off rebound fling that was eager to film.

But this guy right here…seems totally different (In my Tamar voice)!  He looks age appropriate and he already has a career in TV going for him so y’all and Mama Joyce can’t accuse him of being an opportunist!  This could be good lets see how this plays out of Season 11!

Oh and here’s a better view of Ol’ Mike below!