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LHHATL Drama!!! Three Women In Stevie J’s Life Take Over Danger Zone!!!

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J Get’s Company Pulled From Under Him By Three Of His Scorn Women!!!

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Chile, this is something straight out of The First Wives Club!!!  I have been keeping you up to date with all the Baby Mama Drama that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J has been going through with alleged 20 years-old Baby Mama, Misha Perry….Well the latest tea is straight out of The First Wives Club!!!


Liz Gaspari, owner of Danger Zone

Businesswoman, Liz Gispari, who has been rumored to be Stevie’s sugar mama, is the REAL owner of Danger Zone Fitness.  Liz is a Health and Wellness Wiz and was helping Stevie, by making him the face of Danger Zone!  Word on the street is that Liz was shelling out money to Stevie to do all his Danger Zone Management shenanigans on LHHATL.

Misha Perry

I broke the news that Danger Zone Management was not a real company.  So all those tears from Joseline and Estelita were not necessary.  Those contracts were never valid!  The real Danger Zone was Liz’s company and with Stevie’s face, and they sold tons of supplements and fitness gear!

Well, when news broke that Stevie and Faith Evans tied the knot, all hell broke loose.  Both Misha Perry, who claims The Good Guy has been ignoring her since she told him she was pregnant, and Liz Gaspari spoke out and aired Stevie out about his actions.

And now apparently They have linked up and also brought in Stevie’s son Dorian’s Mom, Rhonda Henderson, who claims that Stevie owes tens of thousands to her in back child support for Dorian.

Rhonda Henderson (Center)


Rhonda and Misha have joined Liz at Danger Zone.  And get this….She has named Misha as president of the company and Rhonda as VP.  So these women now control the company that was built on Stevie’s image and from what I hear they are feeling victorious and ready to do business…..Payback’s an evil Bitch!!!  This is a game of chess, now!  What’s Stevie’s next move!  I’ll keep you posted