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Nicki Minaj Says Cardi B Needs Thicker Skin To Be In The Rap Game!!!

Nicki Minaj Says She Was Not Aware Of A Beef Between Her And Cardi B…Says Cardi B Needs Thicker Skin To Be In The Rap Game!!!

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I have never been a fan of how the public always creates a beef between two female entertainers of color!  We’ve seen it time and time again.  With the release of any new album from any female of color, you will see social media flooded with posts, and tweets pertaining to another female performer.  The posts are always about which is better than the other.  I absolutely can’t stand how Beyonce can’t take a sh*t without people bringing up Rihanna!  I am a fan of both ladies and fully support both!  Isn’t that a novel idea?  How can someone be a fan of two woman of color in the music industry at the same time??? Easy…It’s called being an adult!

I also think that at some point the entertainers buy into the public’s hype and the imaginary beef becomes reality!

The latest trumped up beef between two women of color in the music industry is the glorified beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.  When Cardi released Invasion of privacy we were all treated to Nicki bashing and memes.  Now Nicki has released Queen and we are seeing the other side.  Which is idiotic because both women are talented and make great music.

Well, Nicki Minaj has been frank and open about just about everything these days and in a recent interview she spoke about the beef.  Stating that she didn’t even know there was one.

Nicki Minaj told Ebro for Queen Radio:

Can we please move on, Ebro? I mean, let’s go. If you know me, you already know the answer to the first question [Remy]. Like, give me a f*cking break, okay? Now, I didn’t know Cardi and I had an issue but I guess we do since you’re saying it and other people are saying it. To me, she may have taken an issue with things that I’ve said but I’m not going to bite my tongue. You gotta have thick skin. People talk sh*t about me all the time. I don’t go around and tell people ‘Oh, stop posting me’ because I see one bad thing about myself. You can’t expect to be liked, and loved, and praised all the f*cking time. Give me a break….You’re coming into the wrong game if you want people to kiss your ass and suck your dick all day.

If I had my wish, neither artist would buy into this insanity, ignore it and never speak n it again!  Why is it that the public can like Taylor Smith, Katey Perry and Demi Lovato all at the same time but we have to choose one reigning woman of color…hmmm….