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Pose Star MJ Rodriguez Speaks About Lebron Including Pose Stars In His Salute To Black Woman (Video)

Pose Star, MJ Rodriguez, Speaks To Variety Magazine About Lebron James Including The Cast Of Pose In His Salute To Black Woman….Says It Speaks Volumes!!!

We are living in a different world.  For many members of the LGBTQ community, it was inconceivable that in their lifetime they would have seen so many barriers brought down…Hell!  I was just a wee gay teen in the 90’s and I have seen changes and accomplishments such as same-sex marriage that I thought would never happen.

Now for you folks who support the LGBTQ community, don’t start shouting’ and catchin’ the holy ghost yet!  The battle is not over ESPECIALLY for people of color!  WE still have a ways to go…and what many of you don’t realize is that there is tons of racism within the LGBTQ community, itself.  In many instances, the oppressed has become the oppressor.

Think about it you almost never see an African American Gay Male on TV that is not a stereotypical caricature who is dropped in for comic relief and quickly pulled right out.  And let me not start on Two Gay African American men in a relationship on TV….Clutch my pearls!!!  We are usually shown in an interracial relationship with anybody as long as it’s NOT another Black Man!

But let me get off my soap box for a second….But I just want you guys to know that how important it is that a show like Pose has come along!  The FX series that highlights the Ballroom scene, a gay subculture made up of ‘houses’ of young people who compete for cash prizes in categories like voguing, runway and face!  For many of these children, the houses are their only friends and family.

The show is set in the late eighties and focuses on a group of friends and foes who are a part of the ballroom scene and who just happened to be a part of the most underrepresented group on TV…LGBTQ people of color!

This show gives a voice to the silenced and has already broken a whole helluva lot of ground.  But when Lebron “King” James…the hottest and most famous Basketball player, today, gave a shout out to Black Woman on Social Media and INCLUDED the cast of Pose, we broke another big chunk of ground!

Sports and Hip Hop are business that are built on the masculinity of the Black Man so when one stands up and makes a point to break the stereotype, wipe away the facade and include a group of Trans women of color in his salute, we need to pay attention and salute him in return!

Recently, MJ Rodriguez, the star at the center of Pose, was on the red carpet and Variety asked her about the shoutout from “King” James!  In the video below, you can see how much it meant to her, she’s visibly SHOOK and how much it means to all of us.  Watch the Video Below!