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OMG!!! M2M’s Quad Admits To Taking Furniture From Under Greg’s Nose

Married to Medicine’s Quad Admits To ‘Relocating’ Some Of The Furniture Out Of The House Right From Under Dr. G’s Nose…This Divorce is Messy Boots!!!

OMG!!!  I can’t wait to September 2nd to get here!  The wait has been soon long but it’s finally time for one of my favorite Reality TV shows to come back.  Yassss it’s time for the messy doctors and wives of Married to Medicine to return to our screens!  The thing I love about Married to Medicine is that it’s the only show that I love the cast and their spouses.  The husbands are just as entertaining as the wives!  We got to see full on drama at last season’s reunion.  We witnessed the touching reconciliation of Dr. Simone and Cecil and, unfortunately, we saw the marriage of Quad Webb-Lunceford and her husband Greg fall apart! Remember when Greg came out with the story of how he met a woman and took her to the damn hotel!!!  I gagggggged!!!

Well, as everyone predicted the couple filed for divorce. We even got a little clip in the trailer for the upcoming season, where Greg says that Quad removed furniture form the house…his Sleep Number mattress, no less!!!

And, now The Jasmine Brand is reporting that Quad has admitted to ‘relocating’ the furniture A.K.A. calling cookie and ’em to bring the truck and get the stuff out the house like a thief in the night!!!  And her legal team says that she has the right to EMPTY out the residence….

The Jasmine Brand exclusively wrote:

Greg stated that her alleged actions show that she willfully violated the Automatic Domestic Standing Order….Quad has responded admitting that she in fact did remove items from the home, but did not violate any orders instructed by the court. The court documents explain:

Petitioner denies each and every allegation in paragraph 4 of Respondent’s Motion. Petition
further states that the Automatic Domestic Standing Order, cited and relied up by Respondent in his Motion, prohibits the parties from ‘disposing or removing any property from Fulton County, any of the property belonging to the parties.

Her legal team also responds:

Respondent’s argument fails to recognize that the Sanding [sic] Order does not prohibit removal of any, or even all, of the parities property from the marital residence; it only prohibits removal of any, or even all, of the parties’ property from the marital residence; it only prohibits its removal from Fulton County. Ostensibly, Petition was and remains free to empty the entire marital residence so long as she does not remove the property from Fulton County or dispose of it. It is undisputed that Petitioner relocated some of her personal possessions and furniture from the marital residence to her new home Sandy Springs, Fulton County, Georgia.

he reality star wants her estranged husband to pay for the attorney fees associated with bringing this issue to court.

This season is gonna be full of DRAMA!!!!