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Actress Wendy Raquel Robinson Being Sued For $10K per month By Ex!!!

Wendy Raquel Robinson Of The Game And The Steve Harvey Show Is Being Sued By Her Estranged Husband Marco Perkins 10K A Month!!!

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Somebody go call Lovita Alize Jenkins and tell her that somebody is after Boss Lady’s coinz!  Wendy Raquel Robinson who brought the sass on two of our favorite shows, The Game and The Steve Harvey Show is being sued by her estranged husband, Marco Perkins.

According to Marco, Wendy split while he was down and out due to a stroke. He claims she left him broke and he can’t afford the lifestyle that he became accustomed to while with her. Now, he wants 10K a month!  Yes!  Y’all heard me right!

TMZ Wrote:

Wendy Raquel Robinson‘s estranged hubby, Marco Perkins, claims in divorce docs — obtained by TMZ — he needs Wendy to pay him significant spousal support when their divorce is all said and done ’cause she allegedly left him destitute after he had a stroke back in 2015.

Marco says he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle while married to Wendy, and is asking a judge to make her cough up at least $10,000 a month so he can maintain that life — adding that she can afford it, since he believes her monthly income is in the ballpark of $200k/month.

Wendy and Marco were together for 15 years and the couple have n children together.  Marco is the one that filed for the divorce.