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Is There A New Peach In Atlanta With A Very Juicy Storyline???

Could One Of The New Real Housewives Of Atlanta Ladies Have Gotten A Promotion Because They Have A Juicy Storyline Coming Up On Season 11???

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The ink ain’t even dry on the previous post and new tea is already being spilled!!!  I just told y’all that Nene Leakes has spoken out about the cast pic that was released.  Nene feels that the pic does not show the cast in the best light but many people are asking is that because the NEW girls are dead smack in the center???

In the center of the pic, newbie, Tanya Sams stands with Shamri Devoe and Eva Marcille.  Early reports stated that Tanya would be a friend to the show with Marlo, BUT according to Atlanta blogger, Tamara Tattles, that may have all changed! And she says that something that happened on the cast trip to Tokyo may have done the trick!

Tamara Tattles wrote:

A Tamara Tattles  exclusive source reports that the trip to Tokyo was very successful. I’ve never heard such glowing accounts of the footage that they got on this trip. In an unexpected twist, some things came out about Tanya Sam that gives her a particularly compelling storyline. I working to find out what it is but the source is so far not willing to give all the details. Whatever it is was so intriguing that they are renegotiating Tanya’s contract. They have now offered her a full time position. They have put the offer on the table and are waiting for Tanya to sign off on it….

Tamara also goes on to talk about the cast pic that has Nene seeing Red!

I still don’t understand why this oddly photochopped blurry photo was released when it was. They seem to be jumping the gun. They are clearly VERY excited about Tanya’s new storyline. So much so that they could not even wait for her to sign the contract and for the ladies to do a proper photo shoot before sending out that hot mess.

For me, Season 10 was a dud and I have given all my attention to Married to Medicine and The Real Housewives of Potomac, BUT it sounds like Season 11 might get me back on #TeamRHOA

Come on, Tanya Sams!  I’m waiting for you to heat it up!

Fingers crossed….