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Kandi Burruss’ Sex Dungeon Is Now A Real Thing!!!

Kandi Brings Her Sex Dungeon To Life For One Night Only….For Right Now?

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Baby, Kandi Burruss of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a coin-making woman!  Talking about turning Lemons into Lemonade!  We all remember the Lies! The Lies! The Lies that Phaedra Parks told.  You know the one we all know that production told her and then left her out to dry…yeah that one.  We all remember that Porsha Williams screamed out in the heat of an argument that Kandi wanted to drug her and rape her, Todd had an alias, Marvin, that he used to cheat on Kandi and, lastly, that Kandi had a sex Dungeon!

Well, being the smart-business woman that she is Kandi has taken the accusation of having the dungeon and ran with it.  Tying her long career of entertaining audiences with her sexy reputation and sex toys business, the business-savvy housewife has created a Burlesque show around the Sex Dungeon Theme and she has eventide a cute lil’ video with some of her celebrity friends!  Watch the video below!

kandiI decided to make the dungeon come to life for One Night Only on Oct. 12th in Atlanta & Im inviting everybody!!! It’s a Burlesque show/Dungeon Party. Tickets are limited so GET THEM NOW at! There’s a cash prize for best costume so be creative! 😜🔥💋 #WelcomeToTheDungeon#MyEventsAreAlwaysLitSoMakeSureYouAreThere #FreakyFriday


I am living for all the cameos!  We all knew Kirk Frost’s sneaky ass would be up in the dungeon but who knew Rasheed was in there too!


I think this is a brilliant idea and it looks like its going to be a lot of fun!  She really knows how to use what she’s got to get what she wants.  She takes her talents and connects them in ways that are perfect sense!  I admire that about her!

Tickets are on sale now at and  she has already said that seating is limited.  So y’all better get your tickets because I know they are gonna sell fast!!!

Yassss!!! The Freaks come out at night…so you know I’ll be there!!!  Shhhhhh!!!!