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Married To Medicine: Cecil And Simone Still Ain’t Living Together Yet!!! (VIDEO)

Married To Medicine’s Dr. Simone And Her Husband Cecil Are Still Living Separately In The North And South Houses (Video Clip)

Last year’s reunion for Married to Medicine was like a spiritual moment for me.  Mariah, Toya and the Gang took me to Church!!!!  It felt like Iyanla had fix all our lives with the reunion episodes.

We all kinda left the experience knowing that Jackie and Curtis would be alright and that the opposite would be said for Quad and Greg!

But the way the group of friends, other married couples, rallied around Dr. Simone and Cecil, I just knew things were going to be ok.  Hell!  I just wanted to be a part of the crew for a second so they could uplift me and Bae!!! Can we get some of the love!

So its sad to see that Simone and Cecil, who I thought were ‘fixed’, are still living apart.  A new clip from Bravo Cecil reveals that Simone is still living in the “North home” while he is still chilling on the Southside.  I’m hoping that as the season goes on that we see an improvement in the relationship!  I really love them together and I love their kids.I’m rooting for them!

As I’ve said before, I love the way Married to Medicine uplifts Black Marriage and the Black Family Unit as whole, so let’s hope that the couple can get it together.

On top of the Simone/Cecil drama, in the video the men of M2M also discuss what to do with cheating-ass Gregg! Good luck with that one!

Watch the Video Below!