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Housewife Wasted!!! Shamari DeVoe Reflects On Her Tipsy Behavior!!! (Video)

RHOA’s Shamari DeVoe Discusses Her Tipsy Behavior At The BYE WIG Party!!!

RHOATL's Shamari Devoe Accused of Skin Bleaching

Ok first Things first….whoever thought of the title of the party, whether it was Nene Leakes or a RHOA producer, is a damn genius! I just loved the ‘Bye Wig’ party idea.  And it was fun seeing the ladies rock their own hair for a change.  The Party went from being a bougie little sit-down to one of MY parties, Chile.  That episode and party had everything, a couple cuss-outs, a little girl on girl action and a whole lot of alcohol. And most of that was Shamari DeVoe!

Take out the throwing up on Eva and I would say Shamari gets the MVP for the party from me.  Homegirl was ready to have a good time and I was so ready for her.  After seasons of talking about drugging people and sex dungeons, its good to see the ladies let loose a little.  Of course we returned to the darkside when Nene went chasing after Porsha and Kandi over them going in her closet, but at least Mrs. DeVoe gave us some laughs before things went left

In the Video below, Shamari and the ladies discuss her behavior at the ‘Bye Wig’ party!  Shamari girl you gotta come to my next party, just keep the food down!