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More Trouble For Nene And Gregg Leakes At The RHOA Reunion???

Marital Troubles Between Nene And Gregg To Be Highlighted At The Reunion…Showing Nene Being Mean To Gregg???

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I don’t know about the rest of y’all but it’s been kinda bittersweet watching this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Y’all know I’m 4ever #TeamPorsha, so watching the wonderful events in her life play out this season has been awesome.  I’m happy to see her pregnant and happy!  And her role on the show has been bumped up like crazy!  Lets be real!  The first few episodes of the this season was basically “The Porsha Show” and I was happy about that.  Now, enough of the sweet!  Let’s get on to the bitter.  I have always been a huge Nene Leakes fan.  I live for a good ol’ fashioned Nene read!  I find her sooooo entertaining, BUT it was hard watching her and Gregg battle cancer.  Watching these folks throughout the years, you feel like you know them and Gregg is like an Uncle in my head.

I absolutely hate when they show them not getting along, especially at a time like this.  And I just want to fast-forward through all the uncomfortable parts.

Well, it seems like we will be uncomfortable a little while longer.  According to fellow ATL Blogger, Tamara Tattles, we will be getting a whole video package on the reunion of Nene being mean to Gregg.

Tamara Tattles wrote:

My sources say the reunion is going to have an entire package of Nene being mean to Gregg and arguing with him. Production asked Nene if it was okay to use. I wondered why she got to decide that and my source said it was because Gregg was going to be there at the reunion sitting next to her. I’m still not sure I understand why it was Nene’s decision but either way, she was fine with it. I don’t think she even gets how bad she looks. She is just upset that everyone is on Gregg’s side. He [sic] thought process is “sure he is sick, BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?!

I don’t think she should have agreed to that.  What TV producers have to realize is that: Yes this is Reality TV, BUT everything is not our business!!!

Nene’s footage, this entire season of RHOA, should have not been shown.  I love her but there was no need for us to see this.  No reason to see her mad at Gregg, her mad at Tanya, her mad at Marlo, her mad about a closet.  This is when you take the season off and deal with life!

I pray things get better for Nene….