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R. Kelly Has Not Reached Out To His Children Since 2017???

Despite Claims Otherwise, R. Kelly Hasn’t Allegedly Reached Out To His Children Since 2017!!!

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We all watched singer/songwriter R. Kelly jump around like he was crazy as our girl, Gayle King, stayed cool, calm and collected and paid him no mind.  At one point during the yelling and the shouting, Kelly yelled out something about this scandal messing things up between him and his kids!!!  Now, the whole interview seem liked really bad soap opera acting, complete with ugly-faced crying and all, but a new report from TMZ suggest that he really tried it when it came to part about his children.  The site is reporting that R. Kelly has not reached out to his children since 2017!!!

TMZ wrote:

R. Kelly‘s lying through his teeth when he says he’s trying to have a relationship with his children, because he’s had a chance to for years and ignored it.

Sources close to the situation are calling BS on some of Kelly’s antics with CBS News … particularly the part of about “trying to have a relationship with my kids.” We’re told the singer hasn’t even tried to reach out to his 3 children with his ex-wife, Drea Kelly, since 2017.  

As we reported … the singer went ballistic during his interview with Gayle King, and at one point screamed he was only trying to repair ties with his kids and didn’t care about his career.

Our sources say that’s all for show — after all, we’re told he changed his number and never gave it to Drea. 

The kids are all grown now so it looks like Kellz has missed his opportunity to forge a relationship with them in their formative years, anyway.

On another note, Gayle’s interview will air as an hour-long primetime special of March 8th at 8pm EST.  The new special will include new footage from the interviews with Kelly and his “girls.”

Whew Chile! The Scandal!!!