I’m Baaaack!!!  For those of you who are new to the world of SlickTalk4Real and not a part of my Day One Slickster group, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and to welcome you to my site.


I am Te’ran Johnson Jones, your MESSY AND GOSSIPY BFF, bringing you the latest in Celebrity Interviews, Gossip and Events.  From an early age, I have always been that guy that made people feel overly-comfortable enough to drop major TEA in my lap!  That’s right I been sipping and spilling the tea since elementary school!


My Original site was created because as a new transplant to Atlanta, by way of Philly, I found myself on the sets of some of favorite shows, forging friendships with those in the know.  Lucky for you they have no problem giving me the scoop and I have no problem sharing it!


There was a time when I thought my blogging days were over, because life kept getting in the way, but I love my Slicksters way too much and here in ATL, there’s just too much tea for me not to gab it up with all of you.


Feel free to visit me anytime you want and if you ever want to dish, my ears are open!


Why get your Tea from bloggers who get it from the Joneses when I AM the Joneses <In my Nene Leakes Voice>